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April 6 - Home of the Brave / Sweet Summer Swim closes
April 14
- Holly Golightly Mini Round opens
April __ - Tessellations Retail TBA 
Looking ahead - Harry Potter Round in May

Ok, when I mentioned last time how much of a drag the CNY was on business, OMG was that an understatement.  The delay on strike-offs for this round has been a huge pain, but we're still hopeful we'll get the swim strikes before the end.  At least with enough time to post photos and probably a video.  Depending on when they get here, we may extend the current Home of the Brave/Sweet Summer Swim round through that Sunday, April 8th. 

A little less than a week after this current round closes, the Holly Golightly Mini Round will open!  That one will only be open for a week, so don't procrastinate too long!  I really love the style of these.  Check out the album in the FB group for the full round lineup. 

The exact dates for the Harry Potter Round aren't set yet, but you'll see the dates firm up in the near future.  It'll definitely be in the beginning of May!  If you haven't seen all the designs for that round, check out the album!  This inky blue sky colorway is my faaave.  And it's a HUGE round, so don't say we never gave you any options ;)

In the works:  

The aforementioned round will likely take up a big chunk of May, since it's so big.  So for June and July, we're working on Halloween border prints, a roadtrip/US travel themed round, and nerdy Xmas in July!  Also, get excited for a Fantastic Beasts Mini Round as we get a little closer to the movie release!

Moving on to our monthly Happenings giveaway!  We'll be doing a giveaway here just for our Happenings subscribers, and since it's still pretty new, I think the odds on winning will be pretty good!  Just something fun and small to thank you guys for catching up with us once a month <3 We'll leave the prize a mystery for this first month, but it'll be a variation on the same gift in the coming months :)  You'll have until the 15th of each month to enter, and we'll draw a winner then!  Enter by answering the question in a comment below.  What is your absolute must have sewing tool?  Right now I'm fairly obsessed with my new Gingher thread snippers. LOVE them.

Anyway, thanks for checking in on April @ EHF!  We'll chat again next month!

xoxo Sami

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  • I’m pretty sure my must have sewing tool is my seam ripper!! Although I always seem to misplace it. I always hope I won’t have to use it, but when you do it’s just so much harder to take something apart with scissors than with the seam ripper!

    Michelle on
  • My rotary cutter for sure

    Cari on
  • My rotary cutter has helped me so much with getting my fabrics cut for sewing up! I have a trusty pair of old, decrepit tiny scissors I’ve used to snip threads, but might have to check out the thread snippers you mention. They’re probably safer than the ancient ones I use! I also agree with Josie above. I use my gauge to make sure my needle is where it belongs for seam allowances.

    Jessica Petree on
  • I have to have my sewing gauge. Helps me tons with making sure I folded my hem correctly or have the right needle placement for the seam allowance.

    Josie on

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