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August 3-12 Holiday TV Specials Pre-order
August 13-17 1yr Celebration
August 16 Retail Re-opening! (including Happily Hogwarts Pt.1 & Pt.2)
August 24- September 2 What’s Poppin Pre-order
Looking Ahead: On the Road Round in September

Happy August! Do you know what that means?!?!!?! Elephant House Fabrics is a year old!!! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, but time flies when you are having fun right?! :) We have loved watching this community grow and are so grateful to all of you who have helped make this adventure a success!

Once again, we are a little behind with this happenings newsletter, but better late than never!! We have been hard at work cutting previous rounds and planning for future designs! Sami has been a cutting machine over the last two weeks and we are happy to say that Happily Hogwarts is DONE being cut, and almost all the orders have been shipped!

The Holiday TV Specials Pre-order will be open on the website through the 22nd. This round is packed with designs from holiday episodes of our favorite TV shows, digital glitter and tinsel! We hope that you will find something that will help make your holidays geeky and bright!  :)

1 Year Anniversary Celebration! To celebrate our birthday, we are planning to have a 1 year celebration to include a giveaway, the launching of our b/s/t group, and a couple other fun surprises! More details to follow, but keep your eyes open for the festivities!

Happily Hogwarts retail will open on August 16th, along with re-opening retail from all previous rounds. New retail will be from both parts of Happily Hogwarts, some of which are limited.  So if you’ve got your eye on something, don’t hesitate!  We will send out the exact time for retail as it gets closer. 

After Holiday TV Specials closes on the 12th, we will have about two weeks before our next round “What’s Poppin” which will open on the 24th! We are super excited to announce that Bamboo Lycra will be offered for this round! It is so crazy soft, but at the same time is a really durable, breathable, thermo-regulating, and moisture-wicking fabric. The bamboo lycra also takes very well to the digital printing process! Look at this detail!

Check out the What’s Poppin album in the Facebook group for the full line-up of Mary Poppins inspired prints!

And finally, for those of you who ordered from Something Wicked in July, the fabric has been delivered to Sami and she will start processing those orders as soon as possible. I can’t wait to see what you guys make out of these wicked designs!

And now our monthly Happenings giveaway!  Just something fun and small to thank you guys for catching up with us once a month.  Comment below with your favorite Harry Potter quote before the 15th to be entered :)  


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