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July 5 - Autumn Pumpkins Pre-order opens!
July 8 - Lil Monsters Retail!
July 14 - Autumn Pumpkins Pre-order closes
Looking ahead: Holiday round in late July
Lots of craziness coming up for Elephant House in the next couple months!  I'll get to that in a minute, but first let's talk about the fabric!  The Autumn Pumpkins preorder will open on Friday the 5th - these pretty pastels will be available on CL, CW, FT, and BL!!  I love this round because they're fall, but not forcefully fall - I don't think they'd look out of place any other time of year either!  This round will be open for just over a week, so don't delay!  Keep an eye out for the opening weekend promo code on the FB wall as well.
On July 8th at 9pm, we'll have Lil Monsters retail!  The last of the preorders are going out today.  We'll give a handful of reminders in the group before it opens, but jot down the time if you want first dibs!
So now on to what's happening with me the next couple months!  I have one long-ish trip coming up this month from July 12 - 25ish.  Amanda and Stacie will be available, but retail will be closed for a portion of the month bc I wont be home to process orders.  Mid-August, we'll be relocating yet again, this time to CO for a few months.  Before the move, we'll likely do a "Moving Sale" so keep your eyes peeled in the FB group.  August is going to be crazy while we move!  Retail will need to be on hold for another short period, but we will be able to run preorders as usual!  
And speaking of upcoming preorders, here's peek at one of the prints we'll have for the holiday round coming at the end of July:  Stitched Snowflakes!
More updates as they come up!  Can't wait for everyone to start seeing the Pumpkins strikes!!
Thanks for catching up with meeee <3 
xoxo, Sami



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