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June 6 - Gamer Baby & Wild Heart Retail @ 9pm Eastern
June 7 (tentative) - Happiest Place Preorder opens
June 23 - Happiest Place Preorder closes
Looking ahead: Autumn Pumpkins in July, Holiday round to follow


Ok, I'll just take a moment to say we're so sorry for not keeping up with the Happenings the last couple months!!  Quick update for EHF: I have moved away from Texas and am currently in Air Force limbo in Virginia.  I will be moving out to Colorado for a few months in the fall, then we'll FINALLY be in our home in Missouri in November!  Holy crap, it has been and will continue to be a year for the boooooks.  Despite all this moving around, we're trying to keep EHF as steady as possible.  The next couple rounds may see slightly longer turnaround times if I'm in the middle of a move, but otherwise it's business as usual! 

So with that being, said - first up in June will be GAMER BABY RETAIL!  Finally, right?!  We're also going to go ahead and include Free Spirit, Wild Heart (swim and bamboo) that day too.  That will be on June 6 at 9pm Eastern!  I hope these evening retail loads are working for everyone because I'm finding it wayyy easier to manage once Holly is asleep.  Mark your calendars!

The next preorder opening will be the Happiest Place round, a hodgepodge of various Mouse-related designs!  You can find more info about the full lineup and  fabric bases in the FB Group.  I'm so selfishly excited about this one, Holly is ALL about Mickey right now and she's going to flip!  This round will be open longer mainly because of it's size, so it'll actually be the only preorder happening in June.  June 7th is still a tentative opening date because it'll be a quick turnaround for the strike-off team leading into this round, and we want to make sure there's enough time to create some awesome things before we open!

First week of July, you can expect our Autumn Pumpkins mini round.  Loooving this color palette for fall-ish designs.  We hope you love it too!

May or may not have a little sneak peek for our Happenings readers too...  I can't even stand how cute it is.  Look!!

Lion King coming later this year!  

That's everything for now, thanks for catching up with us!
xoxo Sami

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