June @ EHF

Sami Hess

June 8 - Something Wicked Round opens
June 17 - Something Wicked Round closes
June 21 - Swim/Florals/Holly Golightly Retail @ 7pm
June 24 - Retail closing until August
Looking ahead - Fantastic Beasts Pre-order at the end of the month!


Ok, quick and dirty Happenings this month!  Something Wicked will be opening in about a week!!!  Strike-offs will be sent out tomorrow, so you can expect to see those sewn up a little before/as the round is opening.  I mentioned in the strike-preview live video that the printer made a bizarre choice regarding the printing orientation of our border prints *face palm*  We'll definitely still have them sewn up, but just as a reminder, they will be available for sale as yard-long "panels" (36" x WOF with the design running along the width) 

Also officially scheduled is RETAIL!!  Finally, we will list Fairytale Florals, Sweet Summer Swim, and Holly Golightly.  This is happening the 21st of June, right before we close down retail for the month of July. 

Following on the heels of Happily Hogwarts, we have a Fantastic Beasts round to run in time for the movie!  Here's a peek at one of the colorways:

Look out for that at the end of the month/early July!

In the works:  
The new Mary Poppins is coming out in December, so we're looking into a quick round for that!  Expect something subtle and puuurrtttyyyyyy <3 

And now our monthly Happenings giveaway!  Just something fun and small to thank you guys for catching up with us once a month.  Comment below before the 15th with your favorite Disney movie to be entered :)  

Thanks for checking in on June @ EHF!  We'll chat again soon!

xoxo Sami

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  • Eee!!! So excited for Fantastic Beasts!!!
    My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast (1991).

    Megan W.

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