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Amanda Hess

May 4 - Happily Hogwarts Pt.1 pre-order opens
May 18 - Happily Hogwarts Pt.2 pre-order opens
May __ - Super Girls Retail
Looking Ahead - Something Wicked Round opens in June

Happy May!!  Who is ready for some fandom fabric?!? May is shaping up to be an exciting month in the world of fandom fabric at Elephant House.

Starting with Tessellation Wars retail! It's up and has limited quantities of most designs, so get your orders in now if there is something you’ve got your eye on. I know it’s a little early, but MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!

Side note: This Suit and Tie Fighters print is so subtle that I made a work top and rocked it at the office, and people complimented the design thinking it was just a cool geometric print, but flipped when they looked closer!! 

Speaking of May 4
th, our Happily Hogwarts round will be opening that day! Thank you to Chrisstina McCaslin for providing us with that name, it's adorable! Also, a big shout out to Amanda Hathaway for “Have a Biscuit,” that seriously cracked us up!

Just like Warner Bros. split Deathly Hallows to manage its epically large content, we have decided to split the Happily Hogwarts rounds into two parts.
Pt.1 - Slytherin/Ravenclaw/both Sky colorways of Horcruxes
Pt.2 - Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Black colorways for Horcruxes and Mains [tentative]

Couple reasons for this: First, we need to sort out the Gryffindor colorway and the black main colorways. The camera doesn’t do it justice, but the background colors are off and are leaching the brightness and clarity out of the main elements in the design. We want to make sure that you love what you get, so we have adjusted the colors and have reordered the strikes. We will post them in the group as soon as we get them in! Secondly, this round is MASSIVE!!
Spreading out the round not only gives us more time to get the colors fixed, it hopefully will allow everyone to spread out their purchases how they’d like as well.  With a lay-buy option and combined order shipping, you cant go wrong ;)

We will also be offering a new product with Happily Hogwarts… pins! They are digitally-printed epoxy pins that will match the witch’s hat/school books element for each house. You couldn't see it in the live video, but the top book in each stack is Hogwarts: A History! We will get some detailed photos posted soon so you guys can see.

Moving on to our next fandom, our Incredibles-inspired collection “Super Girls” will be up this month! These will be offered as retail only, so you will definitely have them in time for the movie opening in June! The fabric should be shipped to us this week, and we will announce the listing date as soon as possible.

In the works:

For June and July we will be focusing on our Halloween and Christmas rounds, as well as a little surprise mini round <3 Check our Facebook group in the coming weeks for sneaks and albums!
Monthly Happenings Giveaway!  We’ll be doing a giveaway here just for our Happenings subscribers, and all you have to do to enter is answer the question in a comment below.  This is just a little treat to thank you for catching up with us! You’ll have until the 15th of each month to enter, and we’ll draw a winner then! What is your favorite summer activity? Mine is camping in the mountains with friends!

Thanks for checking in with us!
xoxo Amanda

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  • I definitely love a good beach trip in the summer! ❤️ I can’t wait to see the surprise mini round!

    Jessica Petree

  • Sewing! Haha but I do that all the time. Maybe cooking from a farmers market trip.


  • Hmm I think mine is staying up late and looking at the stars

    Michelle Thomas

  • I love to go to the pool. Does not happen nearly enough but I try for a few times.

    Josie Aviles

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