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October 5 - On the Road Pre-order opens
October 6 - Sami's Birthday Sale!
October 14 - On the Road Pre-order closes
October 18 - Inside the Case and Holiday TV Retail @4pm CDT
October 26 [tentatively] - Emperor's New Groove Round opens
Looking ahead - Bees? Round in November, Favorites Round early December

First thing's first: YAY it's October!!  The best month of the year, and I'm not even a teeny bit biased.  Fall is in the air even here in TX, and I'm living for it.

On the Road opens in just a few days!  With roadtrip/travel inspired designs available on CL, FT, and some CW, this is one you don't want to miss.  I can see ALL the hoodies and comfy clothes being made out of this round!  Check out the album in the group for the full lineup and keep an eye out for strike-off photos any day now!

Next on the docket - MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY.  To celebrate my leap into a new decade, we'll have a sale of course!  All I want for my birthday is to clear some space on the shelves, so we want to give you guys an additional 15% off all marked down fabric!  That'll be everything up through the Super Girls round.  The code will be shared on the wall closer to the sale!  

And speaking of retail, a couple weeks later on October 18, we'll list Inside the Case and Holiday TV!  Planning on 4pm central, and we'll send out a reminder the day before. Also, feel free to ask us if we'll have retail of a certain design or base if you're hoping for something specific!  Sometimes we don't order a ton in each option, so we're happy to let you know if there will be any available!

Last but definitely not least, expect Emperor's New Groove to open the last weekend of October!  We may adjust that if our strikes are delayed or anything, but shouldn't be an issue.  Can we just talk about how cute Kronk and his shoulder Kronks are for a minute?  Does he need to be a pin for this round??

I think that's everything, thanks for hanging till the end!  So, since I'm such a spaz about fall, what's your favorite season?  Comment below to be entered to win a little prize, just as a thank you for catching up with us!

Chat again next month!
xoxo, Sami

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  • October is THE BEST! My birthday is on Saturday, too. ☺️

    Emily on
  • And October is the best month. All the best people have birthdays then.

    Megan W on
  • I’m so excited for Emperors New Groove. Must save money.

    Megan W on
  • Fall for me too. I’m a sept baby. Changing leaves and cooler hoody weather. Perfect for curling up with a book and hot chocolate.

    Josie Aviles on

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