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September 3 - Labor Day Bundle Sale
September 9 - What's Poppin' Pre-order closes
September 13 - Something Wicked Retail @7pm CDT
September 20-23 [tentatively] - Nutcracker Mini Round
September 28 [tentatively] - On the Road Pre-order opens 
Looking ahead - Emperor's New Groove in October!

First thing's first, on Monday we'll be having a sale on all the bundles that are up on the site (possibly adding a couple more).  We're going to start doing bundles in the Common Room, so we'll have one last day to pick them up on the site for 20% off!  If you've had your eye on anything, now's your chance!

This is the last week to get your What's Poppin' orders in!  Everything is available in CL and BL, with a few options available in CW.  I can't express the amazingness that is bamboo lycra, so if you're on the fence, I urge you to go for it.  So soft.  You won't be disappointed.  Also, please enjoy this photo of how Holly REALLY feels about all this picture taking:


We are currently waiting on the strikes for the Nutcracker round as well as some for On the Road.  We will confirm the dates for these rounds ASAP, we just want to make sure we see the designs in person first!  We know a September pre-order for holiday fabric is cutting it close, so we're going to keep the Nutcracker round short and sweet; processing that fabric when it gets in will be the #1 priority.  Also, we love the Rat King, how cute is he?!

On the Road is scheduled to open the weekend after the Nutcracker closes. Right now we're looking at offering CL for everything, FT for a handful of designs, and possibly some CW.  It just seems like a cozy terry sort of round to me, I'm imagining a lineup of awesome hoodies.  I'm pumped to see those strike offs sewn up, especially the quotes (my fave!)

In the works: 
Emperor's New Groove is getting put together right now.  We're hoping to preview that in the group by mid-month, so keep an eye out for that!  

And now our monthly Happenings giveaway!  Just something fun and small to thank you guys for catching up with us once a month.  Since I've got travel on the brain, where is your favorite place you've ever been??  Comment below before the 15th to be entered!

Thanks for checking in on September @ EHF!  We'll chat again soon!

xoxo Sami

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  • We vacationed at the same lodge in Houghton Lake, MI from the time I was 5 until I was about 15/16. The lodge is no longer there but I looked forward to that trip every year.

    Kelsey on
  • I loved visiting my husband in South Korea this summer.

    megan w on
  • Went to Sandy, OR and visited Lincoln City Beaches. Never would have come back if I had the option.

    Josie on
  • i loved the dominican republic!

    kelsey on

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