How It Works

Pre-Orders will be open in "rounds" - these collections of fabric designs will be available for purchase for a set amount of time (usually a few weeks).  Occasionally, we will run "mini rounds" where the fabric will be available for purchase only for a few days, up to a week. 

Once the pre-order round closes, it will take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks for us to receive the fabric - during this time the fabric is printed, inspected for flaws, and shipped to us.  Once we receive the fabric, it will take an additional 1-2 weeks for us to process and ship the individual orders to you, the customer.  Please keep in mind that a pre-order is a lengthy process, so don't purchase if you're unable to wait for up to 12 weeks!

Periodically, new fabric will be available for retail purchase - dates for purchasing new in-stock fabric will be announced on our Elephant House Facebook group.  Retail will include the fabric that we have left from our pre-orders, which will be available for a slightly higher price and is available immediately - no waiting months to receive retail purchases!

Keep up to date on all of our pre-orders, retail, and upcoming rounds by joining us on Facebook!  Click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to find the group!


What kind of fabric do you print on? We print on 220GSM cotton lycra (CL), 120GSM cotton woven (CW), and 240GSM French terry (FT). For a limited time during the spring and summer months, we are also offering swim fabric, which is 200GSM 82% Nylon/18% Spandex (SW). We will be opening up other bases, including brushed poly and minky, depending on season and demand. All fabric width is between 58-60in. All orders will be cut longer to account for some shrinkage, when applicable.

How much is the fabric?
CL Pre-Order - $22/yard
CL Retail - $26/yard
CW Pre-Order - $20/yard
CW Retail - $24/yard
FT Pre-Order - $23/yard
FT Retail - $27/yard
SW Pre-Order - $19/yard
SW Retail - $23/yard

CL Adult Panels (29 x 36in) - $12 Pre-Order/$14 Retail 

How does a pre-order work? Pre-Orders will take up to 8-12 weeks from the close of the round to get to you, the customer.

Here’s the process :
-At the close of the round, we will place the pre-order with our supplier.
-The supplier will process/print the order and then ship it to Sami in TX.
-Sami will cut and package orders as soon as she gets the fabric so we can get everyone’s fabric goodies to them ASAP! Order pick-up is available for anyone local to Sami (Del Rio, TX), just enter the discount code “LOCAL” at checkout.*
-Once all of the pre-orders are sent out to our customers, any remaining fabric will be prepped for retail!

Do you have a layaway option? Yes, for any pre-orders! From the cart page, click “checkout” and you will have the option to choose “Put it on Lay-Buy” (you need a PayPal account). This will allow you to split up your total. PayPal will have you will choose the % you want to pay up front; then it will tell you the date the remainder is due, which will be one month from the first payment date. Since it’s through PayPal, you can easily keep track of what you have on layaway and have a payment method already selected to pay your remainder when the due date arrives. We will not be sending out additional invoices or reminders – if you have an unpaid balance when we start processing the pre-order fabric, your order will be cancelled.

Do you combine orders? Yes! Pre-Orders can be combined. If you’ve already placed an order, but decide you need more fabric (totally understandable), just place a separate order through the website and reference your original order # in the “Notes” section (this can be found on the “shopping cart” page). Your shipping overages will be refunded to you once the fabric is received by Sami and it is being packaged.

In general, retail orders can also be combined. If for some reason we will not be combining retail orders for a certain round, we will let you know when we announce the retail date.

How does shipping work? We ship domestically and internationally with USPS.

Domestic and Canada:
First Class Shipping – 1yd or less
Padded Flat Rate Envelope (PFRE) – 2-3 yds
Medium Flat Rate Box (MFRB) – 4-8yds
Large Flat Rate Box (LFRB) – 9-12yds

More than 12 yds will most likely need to be shipped by weight, so you will be invoiced for shipping when orders are being prepped.

International: International customers (not including Canada) will not see a shipping charge when checking out on the website. You will be invoiced after your order is placed, which will allow us to find the most economical shipping option for you. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

**International customers: If you’re not in a hurry, we can ship up to 4yds USPS First Class Package International! If you want your fabric sooner or you order more than 4yds, we will ship in flat-rate packaging.

Do you offer refunds/exchanges? We will happily issue a refund or exchange for any flaws not covered in our flaws policy! Make sure to inspect them fresh out of the package – we will not issue refunds for any fabric that has been washed or cut. Since we cut long yards, we will not be issuing refunds for shrinkage. We will also not be issuing refunds if you feel like its “taking too long” to get your fabric or you have “buyer’s remorse” once you receive your order (but hopefully you LOVE your fabric!!). Just make sure you’re aware of the pre-order timeline and you’re looking at the digital designs, strike off photos, and sewn up strike offs before you order!

Recap: Will we exchange your fabric or issue a refund?
-Flaws not covered in our “Flaws Policy”
No: -Fabric that has been washed or cut
-“Taking to long” or “buyer’s remorse”
-Shrinkage (your “yard” will be longer than 36in to account for some shrinkage)

What is your flaws policy? With custom printing, some small flaws are to be expected. Small flecks and flaws may be visible on the fabric - any fabric with printing flaws smaller than a nickel will not be exchanged or refunded. Smudging and printing marks are also common along the selvage within 3 inches of each edge – these will also not be refunded or exchanged. Some fabric rolls will have a white, unprinted border along the length, though we will not cut these off in order to give you the most useable fabric possible. Our customers have a week from receiving their orders to inspect them for any flaws we may have missed (we’ll never purposefully send you something that we wouldn’t accept ourselves!)

Is there an easy way to keep up with all the round dates and retail? Follow the link to our Facebook page and send us a message telling us you’d like to get our Monthly Happenings! If you opt-in, you would receive a message from Elephant House (through FB messenger) on the 1st of each month with dates for round openings/closings, retail, and sales. We may also send an occasional message with any last-minute or unplanned sales so you don't miss out! You will NOT receive constant messages or spam from us; this is solely to help everyone keep up with important dates!

What do I do if I have a problem with my order? If you have an issue with your order or for some unlikely reason you don’t receive what you paid for, please use the Contact Us feature on the website to send us an email.

Do you offer a military discount? Yes! EHF offers a 15% military discount! If you or your spouse is in the military, fill out the Google doc below and send an email to with a pic of you/you with your spouse in uniform. After that, you’ll receive your personal discount code to enter whenever you place an order with us!

What if I have moved or need to change my address for an open order? If you have an open pre-order with us and need to change your mailing address, follow the link below and fill out the Google doc. Do this as soon as possible – once we receive the fabric and start processing orders, it will be too late to change your address.

What do I do if I’m interested in being a strike-off sewist? We aren’t always actively looking for new people to sew for us, but please fill out an application anyway if you’re interested! We will reference these whenever we need to fill a new spot!

- - - -

*Note about local pick-up – if you select this option, Sami will contact you when the orders are being prepared to arrange for you to get your fabric. Sami lives on Laughlin AFB, so unless you’re military and can get on base, a location in Del Rio will be chosen for you to get your order (Starbucks anyone??)